Career Reviews in the workplace are designed to help both employees and their employers. With a workforce that is better understood and valued comes employees that are more motivated, productive, engaged and confident.

Why choose a Career Review?

The UK workforce is ageing, and will continue to do so for at least the next 20 years. A quarter of our workforce is already aged over 50, and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills estimates that the shortage of young people to replace retiring workers will leave 5 million unfilled vacancies in the next 10 years. And in some sectors, business critical expertise is held only by a generation approaching retirement age.

How can a Career Review help? We believe that by giving workers access to mid-career guidance and advice, they’re able to review their professional aspirations, take on training and learning opportunities and make informed decisions about their futures. Whether delivered by a formal careers service, union learning representatives (ULRs) or another provider, the result is employees who are encouraged to remain in work longer and be more productive while there.

It helped re-engage the members of staff who were non-productive and who were ‘cruising’ and saying “I’m too old to change”... people were motivated to change their behaviour in the workplace.

How Career Reviews in the workplace can help you

Understand your workforce

Employers who introduced Career Reviews in the workplace found that they gained a more detailed understanding of the needs, interest and aspirations of their employees. Some employers have used this insight as an opportunity to review working policies:

It’s made us as an organisation look at our working policies regarding older employees because we hadn’t really focused on them. In addition we’re going to implement a review in the annual appraisal system.


Increase productivity and motivation

Employers have also reported higher engagement and motivation amongst staff who had taken part in a Career Review.

We have realised that we do a lot of engagement with staff and how important this is and that if you show that you care about staff this will lead to greater productivity and loyalty.


I fed back to the employer what some of the ideas and suggestions were and the employers are taking on some of these. So I think the older workers felt quite valued, that their experience was of value to the organisation.

Career Review adviser

Realise the full potential of your employees

In some cases, the introduction of Career Reviews to the workplace has provided valuable insights into the potential of their older workers. One employer is now using the skills of older workers for the training and development of new staff:

They were [better] able to maintain older workers. The older workers are doing physically active jobs and in one or two cases they were thinking they were coming towards the end of their working life. But following the discussion, the employer started using them more as trainers, keeping their expertise and enabling younger people to come through and learn the work from them.

Career Review Adviser