In addition to helping people identify and achieve their career goals, Career Reviews are also delivering impressive benefits for providers.

Career Reviews have helped providers to:

Improve adviser skills and confidence

Many providers who have delivered Career Reviews have reported an improvement in their knowledge and skills in certain areas – in particular, working with clients who are exploring their opportunities for ‘late’ or ‘second’ careers.

Advisers have been able to develop a more flexible and individualised approach to interviewing clients, gaining new project management skills and specialisms in certain areas as a consequence of delivering Career Reviews.

It pushed me to research information for the mature individual, finding out what is out there, what is available. It’s extended my knowledge in those areas.

Career Review Adviser

Increase job satisfaction and staff morale

Career Review advisers have also experienced an improvement in job satisfaction and morale. This has been attributed to the advisers having more time to work with clients, and as a result, feeling that they’re delivering a better service and contributing to significant improvements in the client’s life.

Career Reviews have also given advisers the opportunity to work with different demographics and develop their service’s offering, contributing to increased motivation amongst the workforce.

It allowed me to apply knowledge, skills and experience that I have, but don’t routinely use on a day-to-day basis to the level I wish to do as a practitioner.

Career Review adviser

Develop peer learning opportunities

Several Career Review providers have set up regular networking and best practice meetings between advisers, which enable them to share their experiences and support their knowledge and skills development.

What this project has enabled them to do is to get together as a group of advisers to share good practice, to look at the things they are doing well, and maybe learn from other advisers about how they can improve their practice.

Career Review project manager