Career Reviews are designed for anyone who needs help and guidance setting and reaching their career goals. The model is rooted in a holistic, person-centered approach, and hinges on great providers who can help individuals unlock their full potential.

No two Career Reviews are the same, but the ethos behind each one is simple. Providers take a holistic view of all of the areas that might impact a person’s working life, and work with them to identify and overcome any obstacles that stand between them and their personal and professional aspirations.

Critical and unique to the Career Review model is its commitment to the client’s whole life. The review looks at a person’s work and learning opportunities in the context of their individual circumstances: their health, finances, family life, relationships, caring responsibilities and retirement options.

Doing this well requires:

  • giving the client the time they need to explore the topics
  • an adviser with the skills to turn these lessons into a range of possibilities for the client

In the past, providers have delivered Career Reviews through facilitated peer group sessions, telephone interviews, and one-to-one sessions in person with trained advisers.

As a Career Review provider, you have the flexibility to decide how to deliver the model. Career Reviews are flexible enough to work in the context of the provider, whether in the formal guidance services, in learning, or in the workplace.

It’s the holistic picture, the fact that, although we are career advisers, a person’s career isn’t just about their paid work. A career is also about voluntary work, hobbies, family, interests and when we’re delivering careers interviews we should be looking at the bigger picture and thinking how can we incorporate those things.

It’s very good for me as an adviser to be able to spend real quality time interviewing someone. I can go into real depth with people and because I’ve gone into depth with them, they’ve found that of value.