Welcome to the Career Review support and resources library, where you’ll find a range of useful materials including the research from our pilot programme. These resources are designed for providers and researchers to support your own Career Review projects.

If you have any resources, research reports or websites you'd like us to include in our library, then please get in touch via our 'contact us' page.

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Mind Tools

This site has hundreds of tools to help individual manage and develop their careers. You can use many of these free of charge or you can pay for membership.


NHS Careers

This is part of the NHS Careers website and outlines career possibilities for all ages. It links to the NHS Jobs website.


The Unionlearn Climbing Frame

This site includes an action planning tool and links to publications and other websites. The themes include Supporting Mid-life Development, and Personal Development and Career Planning. Registration is free, and users do not have to be union reps. It is also available as a mobile app.



This website provides access to a range of careers and job-seeking resources used by the National Careers Service in the South West during the Midlife Career Review Project. All resources can be adapted and used freely.



Windmills offers a portfolio of career and life management programmes and resources. Many of these have a cost implication, but use of this online site is free. Windmills aims to help people to take a fresh, positive and proactive look at their lives and to ensure that individuals are equipped with the skills they need to realise their potential.