Welcome to the Career Review support and resources library, where you’ll find a range of useful materials including the research from our pilot programme. These resources are designed for providers and researchers to support your own Career Review projects.

If you have any resources, research reports or websites you'd like us to include in our library, then please get in touch via our 'contact us' page.

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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

The CIPD has a range of factsheets that are helpful to employers and employees, and information and resources for employers about managing an ageing workforce. There are other resources on the site about age discrimination and redundancy.


The Age and Employment Network (TAEN)

TAEN works to promote an effective labour market that serves the needs of people in mid and later life, employers and the economy. This site provides information, case studies, factsheets and links. These include updated resources from the Challenging Age project, a Skills Assessment Tool for older workers, and hints and resources for mature jobseekers.


The National Careers Service

The National Careers Service is free to all adults, via a freephone telephone service 0800 100 900, by email or other web-based activities, or face to face at local offices. The website includes a Skills Health Check, a CV Builder and 750 Job Profiles. The NCS regional teams, and staff from the telephone channel, were partners in the Mid-life Career Review Project and tested a range of models.


Unison: Women Deserve Better Report

A Unison report looking at the role of women in the workplace, economy and society.


Age Immaterial Women over 50

A TUC report looking into the opportunities and challenges for women over 50 in the workplace.


National Careers Service Work Book 2013

A National Careers Service tool to provide you with useful information and advice as well as some practical exercises and examples to help you move forward.

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